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Physical Therapy for Dancers

Have an injury that is holding you back?  We know what its like to sit out or feel like your modifications aren't helping you get back to your full performance capabilities.  Whether you recently suffered an acute injury or have a body part that just doesn't feel up to snuff, an evaluation with a Physical Therapist who understands the demands of dance will help you FULLY recover. 

Pointe Readiness Screen

Not sure your dancer, student, or child is ready for pointe work?  A pointe readiness screen can help you understand strength, flexibility, muscle control, and coordination to determine if transitioning to pointe work is appropriate.  Following the assessment, you will receive recommendations on which areas can benefit from additional focus to ensure your whole body is working together.  

Dancer Health & Movement Screen

Trying to understand your body more as a dancer?  A dancer's body is their greatest tool. Understanding YOUR body and how it all integrates together to support your individual artistry is essential in being a smart mover.  We want to keep dancers moving healthy and dancing longer and stronger. 

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